Saturday, October 24, 2009

My New Jia

I could not have asked for my new jia, which means house or family in chinese, to be in any better location. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Big Shanghai, tucked away in the French Concession District, there lies a narrow hidden alleyway with a little shabby store front that sells little Chinese treats and trinkets. The alleyway is lined by cobble stones and old rickety apartments that you would never guess anyone lived in. The only action you see once in a while is a random cat fight or a lonely biker riding. No one would ever dare guess what true treasure was hidden in this alley, but as you round the corner there lies a large white gate with silver writing that spells PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY, and it is this gate that once opened reveals the hidden treasure of my new home. I along with 40 other students live in a multi complex mansion that has countless bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, television rooms, and any other kind of room you can think of. We even have fully stocked class rooms in our house. So I have the great privilege to roll out of bed at 7:45 am every day and walk downstairs and make it to my 8AM classes right on time. It is amazing! The only day I leave my house for class is Thursday, when I take a Chinese Art History class at Fundan University, one of the top universities in China. I am truly blessed!

World Wanderer

The alleyway that leads to the jia

The entrance to the jia

The girls wing of the jia

The sunshine room where we eat breakfast

The guard gate

A view of where I live

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dear Friends and family,

As some of you probably already know I am spending this school year studying abroad in Shanghai, China. I was sad to say goodbye to my family and friends and the beautiful beach and cushiony lifestyle I would miss in Malibu. For though I was excited to live in China; I was also nervous from all of the horror stories I had heard from numerous people about the crazy foods, over populated cities, and drastic cultural differences. However, I have been here for a little over a month now, and I have enjoyed every moment spent here. Though I would love to be able to talk with all of you back home the crazy time difference and phone charges make it quite difficult. So this blog is the best way I can stay connected with all of you. Feel free to check it whenever. I will try to update it as much as I can. You may also Skype me. Look me up by my first and last name, and remember there is a 16 hr time difference form CA, or email me at

World Wanderer

Touch Down: My frist steps in Shanghai